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TODAY CALENDAR 2022 Zdzierak

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Tear off calendars were extremely popular from 50's until 80's. They were a discreet but important element of almost every household. Our mothers and grandmothers used them as an inspiration for everyday cooking or to remember name days of friends & relatives. TODAY Calendar is a modern, international version off the classis tear-off calendar. We created it to support you on your everyday journey in enjoying life. It is a reminder of a slower and more conscious lifestyle!

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The 2022 ediition of the calendar is all about community wellbeing! Together, let’s focus on our physical, mental, and social health, and try to find many creative opportunities to make daily life more bright and meaningful. This year’s calendar contains many interesting categories: rituals, community, art therapy, nature, collage, comfort food recipes and illustrations.

RITUALS – improve your interoceptive awareness with rituals for body and soul

COMMUNITY – continue helping others and taking care of yourself! This year many tips are more interactive, encouraging you to build connections and prove that social media should be used for a good cause

ART THERAPY – utilize artistic methods and the creative process to help yourself explore self-expression

NATURE – experience a seasonal living journey, observe nature and develop a relationship with your surroundings

COLLAGE – collage elements, ready to tear off and glue into your own piece of art

COMFORT FOOD RECIPES – explore the meaning of “comfort food” with our friends from all around the world

ILLUSTRATIONS – enjoy the creative expressions 

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